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Graded’s Run Against Cancer had been a tradition at Graded for years. Our community gets together to help Casa Maria Helena and celebrate this effort, on a day full of activities, speakers, food, and fun!


Graded’s lovely campus!


Casa Maria Helena is a cancer shelter where patients from all over Brazil come to São Paulo to receive treatment. It brings financial support to the patient’s treatment and provides them with a home during their needed stay in São Paulo. The money collected from the run will be used to provide treatments, medical appointments, operations and much-needed comfort to the sick individuals fighting for their lives. In 2018, Graded’s Run Against Cancer raised almost R$14,000 for Casa Maria Helena. In addition to the basic needs of the center, this donation funded a brand new leisure center on the roof of the charity, entitled “Futebol na laje”.

» Find out more about Casa Maria Helena Paulina

Graded’s Run Against Cancer T-Shirts

The dry-fit t-shirts have also been an annual tradition in the Graded Community. Like previous years, the Graded’s Run Against Cancer website will be used to sell the shirts. All the costs will be then donated to Casa Maria Helena. So, even if you don’t plan to participate in the run, we encourage you to purchase these t-shirts dedicated to the cause!

Click the button below to buy t-shirts. You can pick them up at school on the day of the event.

All the Graded community is welcome to join.

Run is free and optional!

Time until the run (Saturday, June 4, 2022):








Make a donation directly to Casa Maria Helena Paulina

Make a PIX

Chave PIX:

Bank Deposit

​CNPJ: 69.107.142/0001-59

  • Banco Itaú: Agência 0062 / C/c 35.926-0
  • Banco Bradesco: Agência 0516-9 / C/c 070.758-9
  • Banco do Brasil: Agência 3050-3 / C/c 2004-4

» Find other ways to contribute at Casa Maria Helena Paulina’s website

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